Sand Art & Poster Painting Parties

We host the Art Party, so you can enjoy the joy filled birthday party experience!!!Created by a k-12 certified art teacher, Moxie Art Parties is a fabulous, no-mess, kid engaging, art happiness kind of birthday experience for children at our Overland Park, KS Art Studio.

Getting to create memorable experiences for birthday kids has been a joy and passion through Moxie Art Parties!! The Sand Art and Poster Painting experiences are unique and unlike anything most kids have experienced. Every art work is unique and beautiful. Because of our easy success projects no sand art or poster painting fails!! Every child goes home with artwork fit for the wall or a frame!

Sand Art Party

We love creating unique and memorable birthday experiences for kids!! There is no excitement quite like the magic of sand art. The coolest thing about it is the excitement from kids creating sand art or poster paintings for the first time!!

Setup Time: 15 minutes before & after

Art Party Project: 40 – 60 minutes

Time for Cake & Gifts: 30 minutes

Party Hostess: 1-2

Cost: $220/10 Kids ($15/Additional Kid)

Creative Add-Ons

If a 40 – 60 minute Sand Art Party isn’t enough for your ART LOVING KID, we’ve got you covered!! Kids love a fantastic glitter tattoo! Or how about a custom made button pin, complete with the kids’ creative and colorful drawings!!! I mean, when was the last time your kid got a glitter tattoo or made his or her own custom button?!!

Added Time: 30 Minutes

Cost: $30 for 1 Extra | $45 for 2 Extras